Introducing Our New Family Storytelling Guide

Cover photo boys embracing storytelling in the home

Discover how CPI’s Storytelling Manual is spurring requests for home storytelling guides, addressing the needs of displaced children, refugees, and families impacted by trauma.

CPI Talks to Mara Krechevsky About Putting “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” (TMI) Into Play

Mara Krechevsky Harvard School of Education

To Understand and Nurture Human Potential Mara Krechevsky is a Senior Researcher of Harvard’s Project Zero and a member of CPI’s Advisory Board. Project Zero’s mission is to understand and nurture human potential – e.g., learning, thinking, ethics, intelligence, and creativity.  Its research examines the nature of such potentials, the conditions under which they develop, and the practices that […]

Exclusive Interview with Professor Caroline Beauregard.

Professor Caroline Beauregard smiling

We recently interviewed Dr. Caroline Beauregard, a CPI Advisory Board member who, as an art therapist, works with immigrant and refugee children to help them recover a sense of well-being. We wanted to know how she creates “safe spaces,” so that children feel free to talk about – and illustrate – traumatic episodes in their lives. Here is an edited transcript of our discussion.

Creating Safe Spaces Empowers Children to Share Traumatic Experiences.

Professor Caroline Beauregard smiling

Interview With Professor Caroline Beauregard. CPI’s Storytelling Program is expanding to more countries. Many of our partners on the ground have asked us about methods for establishing “safe spaces” where children feel comfortable discussing and expressing traumatic experiences in their lives.  In that respect, we recently interviewed Dr. Caroline Beauregard. As an art therapist, she is a CPI Advisory […]

CPI Storytelling Program in Kenya Attracts Support from International NGO

girl in kenya drawing during storytelling event

CPI’s Storytelling Partner in Kenya Brings in EU NGO In July, ChildsPlay International (CPI) announced a new Storytelling Partnership aimed at supporting vulnerable children in Kenya. Storytelling Helps Girls Navigate Trauma Gloria Ochola, our esteemed local partner in Kenya, is deeply committed to empowering vulnerable children, women, and girls. She collaborates closely with the Tunaweza Empowerment […]

CPI’s Mask-Making Workshop Sparks Transformation in Haiti

Mask by Rood Paul Laguerre

Unveiling the Artistry: CPI’s Mask-Making Workshop Sparks Transformation in Haiti Last summer, in Haiti, CPI’s mask-making workshop witnessed a participation of over 200 children. Across a span of six weeks, they dedicated their time to studying and honing their crafting skills. As the winter and spring seasons followed, CPI sustained the mask-making education for the […]

CPI Launches New Storytelling Program in Uganda

Storyteller and children in Uganda.

Storytelling for a Brighter Future Uganda New Storytelling Partnership in Uganda CPI’s new Storytelling Program in Northern Uganda, extends support to vulnerable children, including those in refugee settlements, facilitating their healing journey through Storytelling. Storytelling in Uganda is an integral part of the country’s rich cultural heritage. It has been a longstanding tradition passed down […]

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