When you donate to Childsplay International (CPI) using your credit card, Google or Apple Pay, we will request information so card companies (Stripe and PayPal) can process your payment. This includes your name, card number, expiration date, and the card’s three- or four-digit security code. We do not share any such information with third parties (except as necessary, regarding the companies assisting us with processing credit card transactions).

Optionally, we will request your email address, so that we can acknowledge your donation. If you do not need an acknowledgment, then please feel free not to provide it.

We do not retain, share, store, or use credit card information for any secondary purpose except as may be required by law, banking procedures, and generally accepted accounting principles. We do not retain, share, or store your email address, which is used only once in an acknowledgment.

If you wish to make a recurring payment, e.g., once every three or six months, we will request your email address. We will also retain your information, and notify you a week in advance of when we intend to notify the credit card processor to withdraw the funds. You can stop these payments at any time by notifying us to stop them.

We will exercise the highest level of care to prevent disclosure or use of credit/debit information, other than permitted by Crend Association Rules.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Office@childsplayintl.org

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ChildsPlay International does not share our mailing lists or member information with any agency or organization. We will only use your contact information for the purpose for which was submitted, such as sending announcements, replying to inquiries, and processing memberships and responding to requests about our programs.  You can change or remove your information from our list at any time by contacting us at Office@childsplayintl.org.