CPI has reached over 6000 vulnerable children in over a dozen countries.

Our partners on the ground all agree with CPI’s ethos; that PLAY  is essential to a child’s development. 

ChildsPlay International works to promote greater opportunities for play where it has been curtailed because of war, poverty, natural disaster, or a child’s refugee status.

We follow Piaget’s principle that “Play is the work of childhood,” where capacities for resilience, integrity, and creativity are molded through play.  We work with local teams, fostering sustainable initiatives for play that reflect and conserve local cultures.

Zambia's flag


(CPI) pioneering program in Lusaka, Zambia, brings together children across a wide age range in dynamic storytelling sessions.


During two projects, we served children in a refugee camp and a remote village impacted by Covid-19.


Outside Kathmandu, we worked with children from rural communities, whose parents were targets and victims of insurgencies from the recent past.


During two projects, we conducted workshops teaching children local mask-making and dance, two aspects that are central to Haiti’s culture.

Sri Lanka

Partnered with locals to reintroduce children to play, creative activities and traditional games in areas impacted by conflict.


Collaborated on a storytelling project based on traditional stories from the high Andes and the Amazonian zone. We focused on passing down the oral story-telling tradition from elders to the youngest generation, thereby help preserving Inca culture.


We focused on bringing play to HIV orphans who frequently spent their non-school hours working in underground mines.


Because the culture of India is becoming increasingly homogenous, CPI worked with the respected filmmaker, Somi Roy, to capture Manipur’s indigenous games and holidays to help preserve them.


During two projects, we brought together different schools in local villages, for competitive exercises that were athletic, intellectual, and performances.

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