CPI’s Mask-Making Workshop Sparks Transformation in Haiti

Mask by Rood Paul Laguerre

CPI’s Mask-Making Workshop Sparks Transformation in Haiti

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Unveiling the Artistry: CPI’s Mask-Making Workshop Sparks Transformation in Haiti

Last summer, in Haiti, CPI’s mask-making workshop witnessed a participation of over 200 children. Across a span of six weeks, they dedicated their time to studying and honing their crafting skills. As the winter and spring seasons followed, CPI sustained the mask-making education for the older children, equipping them to impart their knowledge to the younger generation. Now, these seasoned learners are prepared to guide the younger children in the art of mask-making.

Rood Paul Laguerre with mask

Meet the new Teacher

Rood Paul Laguerre with the mask he made during last summer’s mask-making workshop.

Three of our Students Are Stepping into the Teacher Roles

Rood Paul Laguerre (left) serves as the leader of the teacher group, while Christelle Jeudy (middle) and Pierre Junior (right), both remarkably talented young artists, will play crucial roles as assistant teachers for the younger students.

Witnessing the ripple effect of our training programs for young mask-makers in Haiti is truly inspiring.

Our pride extends beyond training students in Haiti – it’s about empowering them to become teachers themselves. As three of our students are stepping into the teacher roles, they will pass on the local craft of mask-making to children and teenagers in Haiti. 

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The Importance of Training Girls!

girls learning the art of Mask-making Haiti

The Importance of Training Girls!

CPI’s mask-making workshop persists in nurturing dozens of gifted girls and boys. Notably, we are pioneering the training of Haiti’s inaugural female mask makers!

Ultimately, what mattered is that the kids and young adults have a good time, and feel valued and inspired. Some worked really hard in preparation for Carnival. They practiced perfectionism and some thought of themselves as budding artists.

Mask-making in Haiti is a Sustainable and Promising Career Choice

The students we’ve nurtured over the last 14 months, and empowered through our training initiatives are now stepping into the role of teachers themselves.

We could not have done this without the generous support from generous donors. THANK YOU.  Donations ranging from $25 to $500 made this possible. 

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The Impact of Education

This transformative journey showcases the enduring impact of education and highlights the importance of passing on knowledge to create a cycle of continuous growth and learning. At the center of this is renowned Haitian artist and child advocate, Didier Civil. We have worked with Didier since 2014!

As our former students in Jacmel, Haiti, stepping into the role of educators, under the care and guidance of Didier, they contribute to a brighter future for their communities and beyond

Mask-Making In Haiti

Mask-making in Haiti embodies a centuries-old art intertwined with indigenous rituals. When CPI ventured to Haiti initially, the aim wasn’t to educate children about masks; they were already well-versed. Our aspiration was for them to acquire mask-making skills from a master – and that’s exactly what transpired. By offering practical assistance, we enabled them to embrace their creativity once they grasped the techniques. This support remains ongoing. This is play-based learning at its best! 

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