CPI Launches New Storytelling Program in Uganda

Storyteller and children in Uganda.

CPI Launches New Storytelling Program in Uganda

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Storytelling for a Brighter Future Uganda

Storytelling activities Uganda

New Storytelling Partnership in Uganda

CPI’s new Storytelling Program in Northern Uganda, extends support to vulnerable children, including those in refugee settlements, facilitating their healing journey through Storytelling.

Storytelling in Uganda is an integral part of the country’s rich cultural heritage. It has been a longstanding tradition passed down through generations, keeping the tales and wisdom of the past alive.

Children listening to Storyteller in Uganda

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Storytelling for Vulnerable Children

Storytelling in Uganda has a rich and ancient history, deeply rooted in the country’s diverse cultures and traditions. For generations, oral storytelling has been a significant means of preserving history, passing down knowledge, and entertaining communities.

Storyteller and children standing in a circle, Uganda

CPI’s Partner in Uganda

CPI has partnered with HAF-Uganda, a non-profit dedicated to helping vulnerable children. The NGO is run by Ochaka Richard Okot, a Clinical Psychologist. 

Okot has been investing his time and resources in promoting a peaceful future, the right to education, and mental well-being for children affected by conflicts. Okot is a dedicated advocate for the rights of people affected by conflicts.

Children and storyteller interacting in Uganda


Storytelling is Integral to the Ugandan Culture

The oral storytelling tradition experiences a renaissance in Africa.

In Ugandan communities, storytelling serves several essential functions. It is a means of preserving history, passing down moral values, and entertaining both young and old. Storytellers, often referred to as griots or oral historians, hold a respected position within the community. They are entrusted with the responsibility of recounting myths, legends, folktales, and historical events.

Storytelling gatherings are common in villages and at family gatherings. These events provide an opportunity for people to come together and share in the oral traditions. The storyteller, usually a seasoned and skilled individual, captivates the audience with expressive gestures, vivid descriptions, and vocal intonations, making the tales come to life.

Play is always at the center of everything that we do, and Storytelling is Play-based learning at its best.


Children in Northern Uganda


Attentive Children Listening




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