Our Charity Provides Free Education to Vulnerable Children.

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What We Do:

ChildsPlay International (CPI) collaborates with local partners to support vulnerable children worldwide through play-based education initiatives.

Our programs are designed to empower children affected by war, civil unrest, poverty, and displacement, offering them opportunities for self-expression, healing, and resilience-building.

Female storyteller in Uganda
Children and storyteller in Northern Uganda during CPI's summary and fall program for Sudanese refugees.
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Cover Storytelling Manual Become a Partner
Cover Storytelling Manual Become a Partner

How We Help Children Through Play-Based Learning.


Even in challenging circumstances, ChildsPlay International (CPI) helps vulnerable children through play-based learning.

Our programs include storytelling, mask-making, song and dance and athletic activities that excite the mind, strengthen the body, and raise spirits. We have reached over 5,000 vulnerable children in over a dozen countries.

Students in Kenya during CPI Storytelling program

Our Programs are Free

Education is at the heart of everything we do. Whether through formal programs, informal learning, or play-based initiatives, we prioritize education in all our endeavors. Our goal is to equip vulnerable children with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities necessary for them to flourish and create a better future for themselves.
a homeless boy attending CPI Storytelling Session in Peshawar, June 2023.

Literacy and Art for Refugees

Our partners in Pakistan, Uganda and Zambia are focused on improving literacy skills and educational opportunities for internally displaced children as well as displaced children from other countries. Our programs focus on celebrating the children, and we use storytelling to help them open up, and in time heal, while building community.
Kids in Haiti during Storytelling event

100% of Donations go to Programs

CPI keeps its overheads very low so that we can focus on growing our partnerships and programs to help more children. 100% of online donations are allocated to the programs.

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Song and Dance performance in refugee camp.
Photos from CPI events in Sri Lanka and Pakistan

About us

CPI’s Programs Helps Children Learn Through Play

Play is not just fun; it’s an educational powerhouse. CPI believes in the power of play-based learning. Through activities such as storytelling and art, and soft skills like winning and losing gracefully through our Olympics of Body and Mind games, children discover their unique capabilities and develop self-confidence and improve literacy.


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100% of Donations go to our Programs

Join the movement and help us reach our goal and extend our free educational tools to more schools and NGOs worldwide.

Our Heartfelt Gratitude for Your Support of Vulnerable Children's Education.

Girls in CPI storytelling program in Kenya with their drawings
Children in our Storytelling program in Kenya holding up drawings of their interpretation of the stories told.

How Storytelling Helps Children Learn

Life Lessons and Morals

Many stories carry moral lessons and teach valuable life skills. CPI’s Storytelling sessions include asking children about the moral/lesson of a story as part of the discussion that follows the session. We encourage children to ask questions, too.

Critical Thinking and Imagination

Storytelling encourages imagination and creativity. Listeners are prompted to think critically, analyze situations, and explore solutions, fostering problem-solving skills. After the session, children have the opportunity to share their thoughts and draw or paint the story.

Engagement and Retention:

Stories captivate, engaging listeners in ways that textbooks or lectures cannot. Through narratives, complex concepts become relatable, aiding retention and understanding of the story. . .

Language Development

For young children, storytelling aids language development. It exposes them to vocabulary, sentence structure, and improving language skills.

About Our Current Educational Storytelling Programs

Children Living in Refugee Settlements, Uganda

We aim to expand the program to reach a larger number of children, extending beyond schools to involve the wider community. This expansion should encompass multiple schools to ensure a significant impact on students. To support this growth, increased logistical assistance is crucial, aiding storytellers, and acquiring necessary materials for the students. We are USD 3,000 from our goal!

Youth Leadership in Zambia

In February, CPI launched a storytelling pilot in Zambia's capital Lusaka. This is the first time we've had children aged 5 -15 in the same class, and it is proving to be very successful. The children have created amazing artwork, and we are now focusing on mentoring the older children, so that they can become youth leaders through our storytelling program.

Storytelling for a Brighter Future and Youth Leadership in Kenya

We have two partners in Kenya. CPI collaborates with a school where 30% of the children are affected by HIV/AIDS, and an NGO focusing on women's rights and youth development. Through educational storytelling workshops, we provide a platform for vulnerable children to share traditional tales and personal stories. These circles foster expression, healing, and mutual understanding among the children, enhancing their sense of community and resilience. The storytelling program is so popular that children are starting their own groups.



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