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CPI's Storytelling Manual

Free Education Partnership

CPI’s Storytelling Manual and support is provided free of charge.

We partner with schools, NGOs, and community groups aiming to enrich playful learning and spark children’s imagination.

Our Storytelling Manual is based on our on-the-ground, hands-on experience.

Storytelling Serves as a Powerful Tool for Both Learning and Empowering Children.

girl in kenya drawing during storytelling event
Children in our Storytelling program in Kenya holding up drawings of their interpretation of the stories told.
Outdoor storytelling class in Uganda
Regugee children in Uganda are full of questions during CPI and HAF-Uganda's Storytelling Sessions.

The Storyteller

The storyteller plays a pivotal role in the art of storytelling, contributing to its effectiveness and impact. Teaching Morals and Lessons: A storyteller can emphasize morals and lessons within a narrative. Through their delivery, they guide the audience toward the intended messages, fostering learning and reflection. Storytellers stimulate the imagination of the children. Through vivid descriptions and creative narration, they transport the children to different worlds, sparking imaginative thinking. Storytellers play a vital role in preserving and passing down cultural stories, ensuring that heritage is transmitted from one generation to another. The storyteller can be a teacher, a local elder, a volunteer or a community figure.

Huma Jalwat and CPi team member after Storytelling event

The Values of Storytelling

Storytelling benefits children in various ways and plays a crucial role in enhancing literacy. Listening to stories helps them gain knowledge, connect with their cultural heritage, and contribute to the preservation of traditions. Allowing children to tell stories enhances their organizational and quick-thinking skills while boosting confidence in a safe environment. Integrating storytelling into youth leadership programs empowers young leaders to connect with peers, engage in meaningful dialogue, and drive positive change, enhancing leadership skills and instilling a sense of purpose to inspire others.

Children in the Palabek Settlement in Uganda attending CPI's Storytelling Session

Create a Safe Space for Storytelling

We encourage opening and closing rituals to mark the beginning and end of each storytelling session to emphasize the "special space. Respect each participant's rhythm, not pushing for disclosure, accepting and welcoming what each one has to share. We encourage teachers not to instruct the kids what to think or write. Respect. Empathy. Positive Reinforcement.

Storytelling circle



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