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Mask-making workshop in Haiti offers another example of how CPI promotes education. The children learn a culturally important skill. They learn to work with their hands and produce real art from the commonest materials. They begin to understand that creating an aesthetic object.

Empowering girls in haiti THROUGH EDUCATION

By including girls in our traditional Haitian art program, we challenge gender norms and provide new role models. In Haiti, the traditional craft of mask-making has been reserved for men. In collaboration with acclaimed Haitian artist and mask-maker Didier Civil, CPI is training girls (and boys), all of whom are showing incredible talent.


CPI held it's first Storytelling session in Jacmel, Haiti this year. "The Children had NEVER experienced storytelling before. No grandmother had told them stories before this. Today in Haiti, we don’t teach children their culture — only American culture, and TikTok.” - Dr. Jean-Elie Gilles, CPI Advisory Board Member

Youth Leadership

In the summer of 2022, CPI, in collaboration with Didier Civil, organized an 8-week workshop for 200 children, with half of them being girls. In February 2023, we initiated an advanced artist workshop designed for 10 to 14-year-olds, with equal participation from both boys and girls. This program has continued to thrive, with all participants showcasing remarkable artistic talents. Under the guidance of Didier Civil, both boys and girls are also developing strong leadership qualities, making this program a resounding success.

CPI is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing access to play and education in areas where these opportunities have been limited due to factors such as war, environmental disasters, or poverty.

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