LEGO’s School Conference Focuses on Playful Learning


LEGO’s School Conference Focuses on Playful Learning

CPI attended LEGO's Playful Schools Conference where play-based learning was on the agenda.

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Play-based learning was on the agenda at the LEGO Foundation and Project Zero  Playful Schools Conference 2023

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The LEGO Foundation, whose slogan is “Learning Through Play,” hosted the conference as a virtual event over three days. The host offered a rich menu connecting play to art, creativity, social equity, conservation of culture, nature and ecology.

The Field of Playful Learning

Harvard professor and Project Zero’s Benjamin Mardell hosted the conference. Project Zero was founded by the guru of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner. One of the conference organizers and participants, Mara Krechevsky, is on CPI’s Advisory Board. 

a girl during Play-Based Learning workshopkids creating their masks during Playful learning workshopkids during CPI workshop in pakistan


What is Play-based Learning?

As children, we learn about social norms, roles and responsibilities through play-based learning.  Curiosity-driven, playful interactions and activities is what CPI strives to make available to all children to the extent possible.

“Playful learning is driven by student inquiry and needs, is meaningfully connected to students’ lives, and fosters experimentation and social interaction.”

Rebecca Winthrop, Brookings

Insights from the Playful Schools Conference

LEGO’s Playful Schools Conference offered insights into the science of learning through play as well as practical tips and inspiration from practitioners around the world. 

In addition to the concrete learning, there was the enlivening and warming sense that those of us working to promote playful learning are not alone. It’s often an uphill battle, so it’s great to see that we are a widespread group.

ChildsPlay’s Takeaway

The conference also highlighted how much we need to reach the under-sourced schools, and communities where play is not valued and children begin working at a very young age. CPI is planting seeds in those areas.

      • Playful Learning in Action: Children in Pakistan and Haiti attending ChildsPlay International workshops and events in 2022:

    Play-based learning in Pakistankids during CPI workshop in haiti

    The Playful Schools Conference was a collaboration between the LEGO Foundation, Harvard University’s Project Zero and the International School of Billund.

    The LEGO Foundation made an announcement on Twitter:
    “We are so proud to have funded @ProjectZeroHGSE‘s research ‘A Pedagogy of Play: Supporting playful learning in classrooms and schools’.”

    The elevator pitch is: “Cultivating school cultures that value and support learning through play.” Read the book for free here. 

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