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Sandra Sherman Wins The Coveted Gradiva Award

Sandra Sherman, a Director of ChildsPlay Intl. (CPI), just won a coveted Gradiva Award for a book that she wrote with Dr. Ahron Friedberg, M.D. This book offers real-time, intimate reflections on Dr. Friedberg’s patients as they struggle with COVID-19 and its disruptive, dispiriting fallout.

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Dr. Gilles joins ChildsPlay’s Advisory Board

Dr. Jean-Elie Gilles, who made his Haitian hometown Jacmel, part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, has joined ChildsPlay International as Advisory Board Member. Dr. Gilles has been involved with Haiti’s artistic and intellectual life since the beginning of his career and has sought to make the academic community aware of its importance.

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Dr. Susan Linn On The Metaverse And Addiction To Technology

“Play is profound; it is an activity that fosters growth and is essential to the development of empathy. Its power lies in its unstructured nature. . . Tech companies destroy such play and replace it with device addiction, a simulacrum and false promise of connection that does none of the developmental work of the real thing.” 
~ Susan Linn

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ChildsPlay featured in Living City Magazine

A Fantastic Self-Image Link to article here. Play is essential to culture. As children interpret traditional art forms—painting, for example, or dance, or elaborately constructed masks—they preserve culture, even while they enliven it.

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