ChildsPlay International (CPI) is dedicated to empowering education in Pakistan through the power of play. We believe in the transformative power of storytelling, traditional games and other creative activities that can bring joy and learning to children’s lives.

CPI Helps Vulnerable Children Through Storytelling Workshops and Play-based Learning Events.

Charsadda, KPK Province May 2022

Originally, CPI’s “Olympics of the Body and Mind” in Charsadda, Pakistan, were planned for 2019 but were interrupted by COVID-19. Like many communities globally, Charsadda in the PKP province had been starved for social interaction due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The original plan had been to work with 120 children but it grew into an event with 200 children. The various events that made up CPI’s “Olympics of the Body and Mind” included traditional dancing and games, creative activities such as painting, drawing, singing and role-playing, as well as some sports activities. There was also an awards ceremony that the whole community attended to cheer on the local children. Snacks and meals were provided and created a festive atmosphere for a community eager to restore a sense of normality after over two years of Covid-19.

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CPI's Olympics of the
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