Mara Krechevsky Harvard School of Education

CPI Talks to Mara Krechevsky About Putting “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” (TMI) Into Play

To Understand and Nurture Human Potential Mara Krechevsky is a Senior Researcher of Harvard’s Project Zero and a member of CPI’s Advisory Board. Project Zero’s mission is to understand and nurture human potential – e.g., learning, thinking, ethics, intelligence, and creativity.  Its research examines the nature of such potentials, the conditions under which they develop, and the

Professor Caroline Beauregard smiling

Creating Safe Spaces Empowers Children to Share Traumatic Experiences.

Interview With Professor Caroline Beauregard. CPI’s Storytelling Program is expanding to more countries. Many of our partners on the ground have asked us about methods for establishing “safe spaces” where children feel comfortable discussing and expressing traumatic experiences in their lives.  In that respect, we recently interviewed Dr. Caroline Beauregard. As an art therapist, she is a

Two girls performing traditional song and dance

The Human Brain is Hardwired for Song and Dance.

Neuroscientists Eric Jarvis and Constantina Theofanopoulo Talk Song and Dance. As part of our Song and Dance Program, CPI Interviewed two neuroscientists whose work demonstrates that our brains are hardwired for song and dance.  Here are some excerpts from that interview, particularly relevant to CPI’s work with children. By Late Childhood, we Develop

Dr. Susan Linn and Audrey book cover

Interview with Susan Linn, Champion of Play-Based Learning.

Play Helps Kids Grow And Cope With Stress. In a world where children are constantly bombarded with screens and advertisements, it’s important to remember the value of play-based learning and fostering creativity and imagination. Susan Linn Ed.D., a leading expert in child development, shares her insights on the importance of play and the


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