U.S. Surgeon General Issues Advisory On The Effect Of Screens On Kids.

U.S. Surgeon General Issues Advisory On The Effect Of Screens On Kids.

U.S. Surgeon General Issues Advisory On The Effect Of Screens On Kids.

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Children’s Development at Risk.

On May 23, the U.S. Surgeon General – America’s top doctor – issued an Advisory. He’s expressing concern regarding the effect of too much screen time on the mental health of children and teens.  Children are vulnerable to the impact of big tech!

CPI, a champion of play-based learning, is pleased that the Surgeon General now advises caution regarding kids’ involvement with social media. We have always urged that access to natural, spontaneous, creative play such as storytelling, mask-making, and song and dance is an integral part of children’s development.  

The Importance of Play.

On our website page “The Importance of Play,”  we state that CPI promotes kids’ natural desire to play in hopes of countering “the lure of screens.”  

Dr. Vivek Murthy’s webpage states: 

“With adolescence and childhood representing a critical stage in  brain development that can make young people more vulnerable to harms  from social media, the Surgeon General is issuing a call for urgent action by  policymakers, technology companies, researchers, families, and young  people alike to gain a better understanding of the full impact of social media  use, maximize the benefits and minimize the harms of social media platforms,  and create safer, healthier online environments to protect children.”



Dr. Susan Linn Supports America’s Top Doctor’s Argument.

Dr. Susan Linn and Audrey book cover

In our interview with Dr. Susan Linn, a renowned expert on child development, the topic of kids’ addiction to screens came up again and again.  Susan was particularly concerned with how kids’ immersion in the world of screens exposes them to unfettered commercial messaging.  

One of the things that really worries me about the Metaverse is who owns it.  One of the tragedies of all screens all the time, is that basically everything children do on a screen (not absolutely everything, but most things), is mediated by corporations.  

~ Dr. Susan Linn

Learning Through Play.

It’s important that voices from several communities – public health, child development, and concerned children’s nonprofits like CPI – are coming together to empower and educate each other. Jointly we warn against how screens may damage children’s lives. 

Across the world, it’s crucial that kids be encouraged to play so that their development is unhindered by artificial, commercialized distractions that may seem exciting but, ultimately, may distort their engagement with their culture, their peers, and the world around them.

Early Childhood Development Around the World.

Girl in Sri Lanka during ChildsPlay storytelling and mask-making workshop

Even in challenging circumstances, CPI helps vulnerable children share experiences that excite the mind, strengthen the body, and raise spirits. In countries like Peru, Pakistan, Haiti, Ghana and Sri Lanka, our play-based learning initiatives help children thrive, learn and become more resilient. Read more here.

Student in Haiti attending  mask-making workshop.

How You Can Help.

Visit our website www.childsplayintl.org for more information.

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