ChildsPlay International collaborated on a Storytelling Project based on traditional stories from the high Andes and the Amazonian zone.

Girl in Peru drawing after Storytelling Event

Empowering Education through Storytelling

In Peru, the mighty Inca Empire flourished for centuries without wheels, money, or a written language. Its last stronghold was conquered in 1532. What remains, however, is a sophisticated oral tradition in indigenous Quechua and Amazonian regions. Unfortunately, out-migration is eroding what used to be a familiar inter-generational transmission of this traditional knowledge. CPI supports an innovative project to preserve the story-telling traditions of Peru’s indigenous cultures.

Storytelling collaboration with Cultural Association Ayllu Yupaychay

ChildsPlay International collaborated with the international group and Cultural Association Ayllu Yupaychay, translating to “Guardians of the Respect” in Quechua. Together, they embarked on a storytelling project based on traditional stories from the high Andes and the Amazonian zone.

Children’s Role in Preserving Culture

Children aged 9 to 15 were selected to participate in this storytelling project. They listened to the narrated stories and later interpreted a chosen story through paint and drawing. Their artwork was exhibited and will be assembled into a prototype book for publication, thereby preserving these traditional stories for future generations.

By engaging children in this storytelling project, ChildsPlay International is not only preserving Peru’s indigenous traditions but also empowering education through creative expression. This initiative is a testament to ChildsPlay International’s commitment to cultural preservation and education in Peru and around the world.

Girl in Peru drawing after Storytelling Event

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