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CPI partners with schools, NGOs, sports clubs and community groups seeking to foster greater opportunities for vulnerable children to play, learn, and develop, while preserving local culture.

CPI’s Storytelling Program was created to share our 10-year experience with schools, NGOs, and community groups seeking to enrich play-based learning, stimulate children’s imagination, preserve local culture, and foster face-to-face interaction in an increasingly digital world.

cover storytelling manual
Girl in Kenya with drawing made during storytelling session (2024)

What the Manual Offers

Key sections:

Introduction to Storytelling
Benefits to Children
How to Prepare the Storytelling Session
Tips on How to Find a Storyteller
Creating a Safe Space

and much more.

Girls in Kenya with drawings made during storytelling session

Benefits to Children

Developing emotional intelligence, fostering critical thinking and imagination, aiding language development, teaching life lessons, building connections within communities.
Storytelling in Peru

Video and Audio Recording Instructions

The manual offers easy video and audio instructions to help our partners record and photograph the storytelling sessions for documentation and evaluation purposes.
Storytelling session Haiti with Dr. Jean-Elie Gilles.

Finding a Storyteller

"The storyteller, usually a seasoned and skilled individual, captivates the audience with expressive gestures, vivid descriptions, and vocal intonations, making the tales come to life." CPI Advisor Dr. Jean Elie Gilles tells a story to children in Jacmel, Haiti, the last time he visited.

Are you looking for engaging and educational activities to captivate children’s minds without blowing the budget?

Are you also seeking play-based educational programs that can be implemented both inside and outside of school? Look no further!

Unlock the magic of storytelling with our comprehensive manual! It’s designed to be your ultimate resource for organizing captivating and interactive storytelling sessions.

Filled with clear, step-by-step instructions and innovative ideas, this manual equips NGOs, schools, and community groups with everything they need to create enriching storytelling experiences for children.

Testimonials From Our Partners

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Cover storytelling manual
Girl in Peru drawing during storytelling session

Storytelling Is More Than Telling a Story

children in Uganda attending storytelling, free education outdoor setting
Storytelling session for refugee children in Uganda.
Storytelling session in Istanbul, Turkey
Storytelling session with arts and crafts in Istanbul, Turkey.
Storytelling session for street children in Peshawar
Storytelling workshop in Lahore, Pakistan

Our program is not “just” about telling a story! It’s also about fostering social interactions, play-based education,, community, safety, and preserving culture. Through arts and crafts activities, children can communicate complex ideas and messages that would otherwise be impossible due to a lack of vocabulary.

Join us in enriching the lives of children in your community with the power of storytelling.

Grab your copy of our Storytelling  Manual today and watch as children embark on unforgettable adventures while learning, healing and growing together!

Chuma Chuma the storyteller

Storyteller Chuma Chuma

Chuma Chuma, a newcomer to the storytelling program since April, brings an incredible talent for storytelling to the team.
Sister Mary and a volunteer

Storteller and teacher Sister Mary

Sister Mary has been part of the storytelling program since its inception. Children hang on to her every word.
Richard Salunoka in front of the children during a storytelling session

CPI's Zambia Partner Richard Salunoka

Richard's dedication to aiding vulnerable children radiates in each session. His ambition is to extend the program nationwide.
“While other organizations focus on individual components such as culture advocacy, or mentorship, CPI integrates multiple elements including storytelling, art, play, friendship, and mentorship into its activities. This holistic approach ensures that CPI's programs are well-rounded and complete, addressing various aspects of children's development.”
Profile photo Richard Salunoka
Richard Salunoka
CPI Partner, Zambia

Creating a Sense of Value for Every Child

At CPI, we believe in the power of storytelling to uplift and empower children.

Our program begins with a roll call, ensuring that every child feels seen and valued. This is followed by a round of applause, where children cheer for themselves, fostering a strong sense of pride and belonging.

Through storytelling, we aim to promote critical thinking and boost self-esteem among children. Our program provides a safe environment for children to express themselves and learn from each other. By incorporating traditional stories, we connect children with their cultural heritage and instill a sense of pride in their identity.

Our opening and closing rituals create a safe space where children can freely explore their imagination and creativity. At CPI, we are dedicated to making every child feel valued and empowered through the art of storytelling.

Drawing Plays a Crucial Role in CPI's Storytelling Program

When time, space, and material permit, we encourage drawing or painting.

Through drawing, children can communicate complex ideas and messages that would otherwise be impossible due to a lack of vocabulary.

The objective is for each child to paint/draw their understanding and representation of their chosen story.

The children are interpreting, not reproducing what they heard.

Drawing and storytelling are valuable tools for children’s holistic development, nurturing their imagination, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness.


Girls attending storytelling session in Kenya

Storytelling: Bridging Generations in the Digital Age

Storytelling creates a bridge between generations, reinforcing connections and preserving culture.

When CPI created its Storytelling program, the aim was to engage local elders to facilitate the sharing of knowledge between generations.

By involving parents, and older siblings as volunteers, and encouraging storytelling within families, Richard contributes to enriching children’s lives and promoting community unity.

As technology becomes increasingly prevalent, even in the countries where we operate, the connection between generations is at risk of weakening. Storytelling serves as a powerful means to reinforce this bond.

"The storytelling program is confidence building, helps with the children’s language development, and teaches moral values. Children are so motivated that they are setting up their own storytelling groups.”
Teacher Vincent Parseen with his students.
Vincent Parseen
Teacher, Mikei Primary School, Kenya

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