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"Exciting News! 🚀 Our New Storytelling Program in Zambia is Gaining Momentum!

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Empowering Zambian Children Through Storytelling

In the heart of Lusaka, Zambia, a remarkable initiative is unfolding, transforming the lives of young learners through the power of storytelling. CPI and Richard Salunoka, PhD, are spearheading this innovative program, creating a safe haven where children from diverse backgrounds come together to listen, learn, and share their stories.


The Power of Stories

Storytelling has long been celebrated for its ability to educate, inspire, and connect individuals across cultures and generations. 


In Zambia, CPI’s storytelling sessions serve as a beacon of hope, providing children with a platform to explore their creativity, enhance their cultural awareness, and build essential life skills.

Dynamic Sessions Led by Master Storytellers

Under the guidance of CPI’s esteemed partner, Richard Salunoka, and renowned storytellers like Sister Mary and Chuma Chuma, the storytelling program has flourished. With captivating tales and engaging activities, these dedicated mentors captivate the hearts and minds of young listeners, fostering a love for storytelling and learning.

Storytellers Sister Mary, Richard Salunoka and Chuma Chuma
Sister Mary, Richard Salunoka and Chuma Chuma in action.

Nurturing Creativity Through Art

Incorporating art into storytelling sessions amplifies children’s voices, allowing them to express complex ideas and emotions. Through drawing and painting, participants vividly depict their interpretations of stories, enhancing their communication skills and nurturing their imaginations.

Children in Zambia showing off their drawings
Drawing is an important component of the storytelling program. Through drawing, children can communicate complex ideas and messages that would otherwise be impossible due to a lack of vocabulary.

Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment

Children in Lusaka, Zambia. listening attentively to storyteller

Central to CPI’s storytelling program is the establishment of a safe and nurturing space where children feel valued and empowered. Through consistent rituals and engaging activities, CPI fosters a sense of belonging and encourages active participation, ensuring that every child’s voice is heard and respected.

Preserving Local Culture is a Priority for CPI's Local Partner in Zambia

In a rapidly changing world, storytelling acts as a bridge between generations, preserving cultural traditions and fostering intergenerational bonds. CPI’s program in Zambia celebrates the country’s rich cultural heritage by inviting elders and community members to share their stories and impart wisdom to the next generation.  Through storytelling, valuable cultural traditions, values, and knowledge are passed down from one generation to the next, maintaining a sense of identity and belonging within the community. Customs, rituals, language, and history come alive through these stories, ensuring their continued resonance with future generations.

Program in Zambia is Empowering Youth Leadership

Sister Mary and a volunteer
Storyteller Sister Mary and a volunteer during an April storytelling session.

An unexpected advantage of CPI and Richard Salunoka’s program is the emergence of a youth leadership element. Richard tells us that older siblings are organically stepping into mentorship roles, with some showing enthusiasm to lead storytelling workshops themselves. CPI enthusiastically embraced this opportunity, swiftly organizing a session where older siblings and dedicated volunteers will take the lead in storytelling.

Storyteller and Volunteers

As CPI’s storytelling program continues to thrive, its impact reverberates throughout the community, enriching the lives of countless children and families.

With unwavering dedication and visionary leadership, Richard Salunoka is paving the way for a brighter future, where storytelling transcends boundaries and empowers generations to come.

Sister Mary and volunteers

In the tapestry of Zambia’s cultural landscape, CPI’s storytelling program hopes to shine brightly as a beacon of hope and transformation for children.

Through the art of storytelling, children discover the power of their voices, the beauty of their heritage, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

As we embark on this journey together, let us celebrate the magic of storytelling and its profound impact on the lives of Zambian children.

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