Play Engages the WHOLE Child

CPI gives participants a stronger sense of their own abilities through games and self-expression in the arts–engaging all their senses.

The Body

Children learn through their bodies: throwing, jumping, running, balancing, dancing. CPI organizes physical activities which bring children together in free play and organized sports.

Physical play not only supports healthy growth, it also helps reduce stress levels, isolation, anxiety and other behavioral problems.

The Imagination

Childhood is the golden age of imagination.

Children love exploring with color and form. In many places, paper and paintbrushes are a luxury that children rarely have the chance to use. CPI provides materials and guidance—as well as the recognition of displaying the finished works for family and friends.

The Heart

Play touches the intangible matters of the heart. Play offers a way of forming relationships—as members of a team, or as one-on-one playmates. Play provides ways of showing care and support.

The Voice

Singing, chanting, shouting and laughing: children love to express themselves through their voices. CPI encourages occasions to share those voices in song, especially in learning and celebrating songs of the local culture.


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