Access to Free Education Plays a Pivotal Role in the Development of Children.

Girl in Sri Lanka creating artwork during a Storytelling Workshop conducted by CPI.

Access to Free Education Plays a Pivotal Role in the Development of Children.

We invite you to join our mission of ensuring education for all, as together, we can forge a brighter future for every child CPI works with

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ChildsPlay International (CPI’s) free educational programs, deeply rooted in play-based learning, extend beyond conventional boundaries and classroom setting. They equip vulnerable children with the skills that help them navigate their difficult circumstances.

We welcome you to join our mission of helping vulnerable children in hard-to-reach places heal and learn through play and holistic education. Together, we can illuminate a brighter future for the children we work with.


We invite you to join CPI’s mission of ensuring education for all, as together, we can forge a brighter future for every child CPI works with in Haiti, Uganda, Pakistan, Kenya and DRC.

Education is More Than Just Classroom Learning

Girls studying outdoors in Kenya during CPI Storytelling class
Girls in CPI’s Storytelling Program in Kenya studying outdoors.
Outdoor class in Uganda
Children in a refugee settlement in Northern Uganda during a CPI Storytelling session.

CPI is on a mission to empower children through play and education. All programs CPI offers are free to children! We believe that every child, regardless of their background, should have access to quality learning experiences. That’s why all our educational programs are entirely free for the children we serve.

Access to Free Education

We are committed to breaking down barriers to education and ensuring that vulnerable children have the opportunity to learn and grow. While we compensate our local partners for delivering CPI’s educational programs, we go the extra mile to ensure that the children receive more than just classroom instruction.

Education is More Than Just Classrooms

Holistic education is at the core of our approach. We understand that learning goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. It encompasses various forms of learning, including formal, informal, and experiential learning. Our ultimate goal is to foster intellectual growth, critical thinking, and the acquisition of skills and knowledge that enable individuals to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

The Power of Play-Based Learning

Play-based learning is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. We firmly believe that play is not just fun; it’s an educational powerhouse. Through activities such as storytelling, art, and engaging in soft skills like graceful winning and losing, children in our programs discover their unique capabilities and develop self-confidence, all while improving their literacy skills.

Learning Beyond Rules

Girls in Pakistan playing during CPI Olympics and storytelling event
Girls in Pakistan playing during CPI’s “Olympics of the Body and Mind,” 2022.
Christelle has been our mask-making student in Haiti for over 1 year!

In our play-based learning environments, children don’t just learn the rules of a game; they go much further. They learn how to make spatial and temporal judgments, crucial for problem-solving in everyday life. They also acquire valuable soft skills, such as how to win and lose gracefully, which are essential for their social and emotional development. Through play, children uncover their individual strengths and cultivate the self-assurance needed to tackle life’s challenges.

Nurturing Holistic Development

Play-based learning doesn’t limit itself to traditional classroom settings. It thrives by promoting active learning and holistic development. It encourages exploration, experimentation, and the development of critical thinking abilities. Through activities like puzzles, imaginative role-play, and interactive games, children engage in joyful learning experiences that deepen their understanding of the world around them.

Girl in refugee camp drawing during CPI Storytelling session
Storyteller and children during CPI Storytelling session in Uganda

At ChildsPlay International, we are passionate about empowering children to become confident, creative, and compassionate individuals. Our free educational programs, grounded in play-based learning, transcend traditional boundaries and provide children with the tools they need to thrive in a complex and ever-changing world. Join us in our mission to make education accessible to all, and together, we can create a brighter future for every child.

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